World Congress on Sexual & Reproductive Health and Family Planning

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Reproductive Health 2019 “World Congress on Sexual & Reproductive Health and Family Planning” is solemnized on August 28-29, 2018 in Dubai, UAE with the theme of “The initiative seeks to spur new innovation in reproductive Health”.
Reproductive Health 2019 invites andrologists, gynecologists, endocrinologists, sex therapists, family planning counselors to share their research works about strategies, developments, cherishment and maintenance of a healthy society by enriching the reproductive health there by ensuring safe and hygienic life and effect of family planning on society as well as on individuals.
Topics included on Reproductive Health 2019:
Epidemiology of STD drugs pharmacology, Reproductive Cancers: Masculine and Feminine, Ethics and General Aspects of reproductive health, Abortion: Women, Medicine and Law, Maternal Mortality, Reproductive Disorders : Masculine, Feminine and Transgender, Educating Adolescent Girls: Subjective Study, Overcoming Family planning challenges, Prevalence of Male infertility, Saving the Lives: Feminine, Neonates and Children, Social Norms and Adolescents’ Sexual Health, Female Genital disfigurement, Training Programme: Reproductive Health Education in Rural Schools, Masculine reproductive conditions, Urologic and gynecologic disorders, Family Planning and HIV, Global drifts in Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Feminine Reproductive Health: Midwifery, Development drifts in Family planning.
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