Wills, Trusts & Nursing Home Asset Protection Seminar online.

from Pamela H Potter

On this webinar you’ll learn:

How to qualify and use Medicaid to pay for nursing home expenses which can average $7,418 monthly.
The advantages and disadvantages of both wills and trusts.
How the new SECURE Act has impacted inherited IRAs and the best strategies to minimize taxes to your heirs.
How to keep your affairs private and your loved ones out of court if you become disabled and can’t speak for yourself. (Hint: Not all Powers of Attorney are valid!)
If you will you owe estate taxes and how to help your heirs minimize or even avoid “death” taxes after your passing.
How to preserve your estate for your children should you pass away and your surviving spouse gets remarried (without a plan, your family’s inheritance will legally go to the new husband or wife!). (from )

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