Wills, Living Trusts & Asset Protection

from Caprice L. Collins

Even though you've worked hard your entire life and saved up something you'd like to pass on to your family, they may end up with nothing, without proper planning.

When you attend one of our Wills & Living Trusts seminars, you'll immediately discover how you can prevent this from happening to you and your family.

FAMILY HOME PROTECTION:Don't let the government take your home when you die as a result of Medi-Cal Recovery. California has already recovered $1 BILLION from people's homes and estates after a loved one died having received Medi-Cal Benefits. This is often how family homes are lost.

AVOID NURSING HOME POVERTY:The average cost of nursing home care in California is $90,000 per year. Protect your nest egg from being eroded with a Living Trust and qualifying for Medi-Cal the smart way!

PREVENT FAMILY FEUDS:Discourage family disagreements and fighting by planning for different individual needs and ensure that your estate plan leaves a loving and lasting legacy.

Safeguard your children's inheritance from creditors, predators a messy divorce or loss to some third-party if your spouse remarries after your death.

LEARN HOW TO KEEP THE GOVERNMENT OUT:Keep the courts from interfering with your affairs after you've passed away. The time-consuming and costly nightmare of Probate doesn't have to touch your family or your money. (from )

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