VBA Excel Programming - Entry Level Lecture 1pm - 2pm (Get 50% off the ticket price, see Event Details below)

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* An entry level lecture based on the 'VBA Excel Programming - 5 Day focused course
   6pm - 9pm' course (that's also available through EventBrite)

* For Alternative Location/Schedules:
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* A 50% discount is available IF you register for the 'VBA Excel Programming - 5 Day focused course', the amount of this discount will be applied to the 5 Day focused course's ticket price (i.e. the 5 Day focused course's price will be reduced by the amount of this 50% discount or $90.70).

* Manhattan location, steps away from the Subway, close to midtown and downtown,   

   next to Starbucks and Chase.

* The demo explains VBA in Excel's context on the entry level, specifically:   - Condensed and practical introduction of the programming language
   - Why newcomers have trouble with the language
   - What it takes to use VBA effectively to solve Excel data problems
   - Illustrations through real-world code

* A demo to let you appreciate the gap between your Excel skills and VBA's power. 
  See how you can improve on speed when it comes to solving stubborn and awkward
  Excel data problems on the basic level.

* VBA is what problem solvers use to destroy Excel data problems, VBA skills elude
   a lot of professionals because of companies' overemphasis on nice looking apps,
   high performance logic  and software integration, very often the data that you need
   to organize, analyze and extract doesn't exist in those integrated business apps, it's
   in Excel and unless you're fluent in the VBA language you can spend literally all day
   just to organize the Excel data.  Companies have been training users on proprietary
   apps, totally neglecting intrinsic analytical skills and data problem solving, the
   situation is such that the typical Excel user can't solve simple Excel problems
   (even the built-in functionalities are just general purpose solutions unfit for your data
* Theories in finance, economics, accounting, trading and hedging are taught, their
   nuances are analyzed in school and business firms, but schools and graduate
   programs completely overlook the all-important VBA language.  Why is VBA
   important?  Excel is a universal data workhorse, manual operations through Excel's
   user interface just aren't enough to solve problems involving thousands or tens of
   thousands of records, especially where decision making or criteria setting is
   necessary, in these scenarios VBA is the only way.

* Business software is continuously enhanced, even out-of-the-box solutions need
   modifications, similarly Excel can display and process data in a versatile ways
   but its capabilities are limited through its interface.  Without VBA, the maximal
   potential of your data analyses can't be achieved (reporting, analysis, modeling or
   any other requirements where decision making is required).  Imagine working with
   an outdated application, imagine purchasing risk management software without
   upgrading, the inner mechanisms need to be improved to accommodate market
   practices and industry changes.  Treating Excel as an out-of-the-box solution without
   leveraging its native language is nearly 100% comparable to buying a mission-
   critical solution without further enhancements.

* The underlying course (VBA Excel Programming - 5 Day focused course 7pm - 
   9pm) offers in-depth know-how, so much more than just dead-end coding
   standards that are taught by others where basic syntax rules and VBA methods are
   shown, but problem analysis as well as the solution development process aren't
   considered at all.  This is a big reason that VBA know-how seems elusive.

* Whether you're a Finance/Financial Engineering/MBA student, general Excel
   user, Front Office developer, an analyst who needs to quickly pin down data
   gaps, an accountant who must compute a high volume of transactions that can't
   be done through the interface or a consultant who has tight deadlines and
   increasing scripting requirements, you would benefit A LOT from using VBA
   because that's where Excel's intrinsic power lies. (from )

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