Using Interpersonal Communication to Manage Team Conflict and Bias In Times of Crisis

from Armaya Smith

Interpersonal communication skills can be challenging to develop, and they take conscious effort and ongoing practice to improve. During chaos, crisis, and turmoil our team communications skills can be tested and if not focused on, can lead to negativity, distrust, misunderstandings, conflict, and increased stress.
Strong, effective interpersonal communication skills can create a sense of stability and predictability, lower stress and anxiety, and build trust and creativity.
Many of our teams were having difficulty coping with stress long before COVID-19 came along. Now we are seeing that this stress is heightened even further, and our team communication skills may be breaking down.
It’s not about more meetings.
Communication is more than just the volume of messages that we are sending out during crisis. We know that many of our remote workers are feeling overwhelmed with the volume of emails and meetings during this pandemic, yet are feeling uninformed, left behind, or isolated.
The key is to recognize what effective communication looks like, how to improve interpersonal skill, how to deal with conflict in a team, and how to deliver and connect during times of crisis and physical distancing.
We know that:
o Everyone has a communication bias
o Every word has a different meaning to different people and these are coloured by people's values and background
o It is difficult to get total clarity
In this webinar, participants will:
• Understand more about the various barriers to good communication during crisis including:
o Physical barriers, such as not being unable to see or hear the speaker properly, or language difficulties such as being on the phone or through email
o Emotional barriers, such as not wanting to hear what is being said or engage in that discussion and how various emotions can get in the way of communicating, including anger and aggression, or stress
o Expectations and prejudices that affect what people see and hear
o Difficult Conversations, such as when you must have an unpleasant conversation with a team member
• Analyze what communication styles and persuasion strategies are your preferred techniques and evaluate what other strategies might be helpful in adding to your repertoire
• Understand how issues in communication can be based on differences in values, beliefs, and expectations
• Learn how problem-solving techniques can be employed to resolve conflicts and disagreements
• Develop an understanding for those exhibiting negative communications and behaviors during change and chaos to effectively meet their needs and move the interactions forward
Interpersonal communication skills are essential life skills. They are even more critical during chaos, crisis and turmoil.
This webinar highlights the interpersonal communication skills that are needed today during these times of uncertainty and change so that we can develop a productive, collaborative and healthy work environment.
Participants will develop the skills, tools and strategies to interact in a respectful and successful way with their teams. It will address insights into how to deal with conflict in the workplace, problem solving techniques and managing communication during times of change.
• Human Resources Professionals
• Health and Safety Reps
• Union Reps
• Supervisors, Manager, Directors (Team Leads)
• Executive Directors Not-For-Profit

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