Red Cloak Tours

from Sally Lobkowicz

Historic walking tours of several types are available in 12 communities throughout Maine. Haunted History, Seafood Discovery, Cemetery Exploration, Maritime History & Mystery and more are offered daily - ON THE HOUR - through November.

$29.95 for your family or group, up to 10 people, includes your private storyteller on an hour's easy walk to explore the history and folklore of Maine through various topics. Tours are conducted live via conference call so you can ask questions and interact with your guide. Seafood Discovery Tours are priced individually.

The family friendly tours are also dog friendly, in most cases, and will give you a Maine experience like no other. Topics such as shipwrecks, ghosts, underground railroad, lobster fishing, lighthouses, Maine legends, Naval activity, the paranormal, early history and more can be covered.

Check our website, or please call, text or email 207-380-3806. (from )

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