I-9 Compliance Flexibility During the Pandemic: Adding Complexity to I-9 Compliance

from Russel Stuart

The cost of non-compliance with I-9 regulations is very expensive.

With the additional complications introduced by ICE, the costs of not complying with I-9 requirements will be even higher. high. Unfortunately, many organizations do not know the new regulations or do not take the time to learn how to properly complete an I-9 form. It is vital that companies get a sense of their compliance picture, asking:
Are we using the correct Form I-9s?
Do we and did we fill out the forms correctly?
Do we copy the documents?
Can we still hire employees who do not have proper documents?
What can we communicate to our employees?
How do we fix I-9's that were not completed correctly?
How do we keep records of I-9 forms? (from )

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