Wills, Trusts, and Nursing Home Asset Protection

from Barry H. Zimmer

Learn how to protect you assets and provide or your loved ones.

At the workshop, we will discuss several issues including:

The advantages and disadvantages of Wills, Living Trusts, and Probate
How traditional estate planning fails
What is Probate, how it works, and, how you can avoid it
Protecting children’s inheritance from their future ex-spouses and lawsuits
Nursing home costs: the myth of the five-year look back rule
How to protect your estate if you become incapacitated
Why putting property in children’s names may be a mistake
Preserving your estate for your children if your surviving spouse remarries
How you can plan so Medicaid will pay for nursing home expenses which average over $85,000 per year in Ohio for a private room
Providing for special needs (disabled) family members

***How to avoid going broke from nursing care costs!

Beverages and light refreshments will be served at all sessions. Seating is limited. Please register for a free seat at this link: (from )

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