Tiny Errors at the End of the Millennium

from Lanie Zipoy

See the world premiere play Tiny Errors at the End of the Millennium. It's 1999. On the competitive dance circuit, a dancer's obsessive attempts to perfect her routine for a panel of judges threaten to take over her life. Meanwhile, the world around her grows increasingly obsessed with Y2K, boy bands, guns, celebrity...laying the groundwork for the world we find ourselves in today. By examining the seemingly inconsequential mistakes we made at the end of the 20th century, Tiny Errors at the End of the Millennium asks, "How did we get here?"

Created by The Syndicate with lead writer Alanna Coby.
Directed by Mikhaela Mahony
Cast: Alanna Coby, Janouke Goosen, Megan Paradis Hanley, MarĂ­a Ximena Salgado Hinojosa, Jackie Rivera and Jehan Young

Part of SYNDICATED - a festival of new works (from )

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