REACH and RoHS Compliance: Protecting Revenues with Advanced Compliance

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This 2 day seminar will go into the specifics of the REACH and RoHS regulations, provide case studies and share lessons learned so your organization can benefit from the mistakes of others. We will review the latest on both directives and will draw out key developments and key dates (if applicable) with particular emphasis on requirements for US firms.
REACH and RoHS have been referred to as "…one of the most complex regulations in the history of the EU." Do not miss this 2 day seminar to find out why.

Learning Objectives:
After completing this seminar, you will gain a better understanding of:
Understanding your organization’s liability under RoHS and REACH.
Review case studies.
Discuss lessons learned applications to ensure full compliance.
RoHS and REACH guidelines
REACH Registration of Substances
Introduction to REACH
Articles and REACH
Substances of Very High Concerns (SVHC)
Supply chain communication
Compliance enforcement

Who will Benefit:
This seminar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel in:
Medical devices,
Industrial machinery
Manufacturing Professionals
Anyone new to RoHS and or REACH and need to understand the regulations.
Anyone responsible for RoHS and REACH compliance.

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