Peter and Alice and Winnie-the-Pooh: the Books of a British Childhood

from Reid Byers

Peter and Alice and Winnie the Pooh

The Shiretown Bookers, in affiliation with the University of Maine at Farmington, are proud to announce their upcoming exhibition "Peter and Alice and Winnie the Pooh: the Books of a British Childhood", running from January 28th through April 5th.

British children's literature looks both inward and outward. Inward because the Sceptered Isles are insular, and their children's books focus in on a remembered golden childhood of magic, beauty, and adventure. But the literature faces outward as well, for these are also the islands of Empire, imposing for centuries their particular cultural values around the world.

This exhibition presents both faces of these much-loved books. It tells the tales of characters from Peter Rabbit to the Black Rabbit of Inlé, of creatures from mermaids to monsters, of places from Heorot to Hogwarts. It will be presented in the Bookers' display area in Mantor Library at 116 South Street in Farmington. There will be an opening reception at the exhibition on Sunday, January 28th, from 2:30-3:30 PM.

The Shiretown Bookers are a group of book lovers and collectors who support the relationship of the university library with the community. The group produces exhibitions and lectures on books and collecting throughout the year. For information, or to join, contact

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