Oyster Pan Roast a Gem for Grand Central Oyster Bar Patron

from Diego Isio

Call this story The Pearl in Rick’s Oyster (Pan Roast)!

Last week on Wednesday, Rick Antosh (Edgewater, N.J.) met his former high school classmate, Buzz Doherty (Brooklyn), both Regis H.S. Class of '70, for lunch at the Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant at high noon.

Rick ordered the oyster pan roast, his friend, who was witness to it all, the oyster stew.

While digging in, Rick says that “for a nano-second I thought I had lost a filling or a tooth, but, holy crap, it is a pearl!”

Antosh describes the pearl this way: “It's in the rough, and about the size of a large BB or ball-bearing.”

Engrossed in conversation, neither of the two gave it much thought, figuring that it isn't common, but maybe not that rare an occurrence at the Oyster Bar, given the number of oysters consumed there (5 million annually).

But when Antosh, a retired hospitality consultant, arrived at his home in New Jersey, he thought about it a little more, so he called one of the managers, who exclaimed he had never heard of the occurrence previously.

Executive chef Sandy Ingber, who has been at the helm at the Oyster Bar for 25 years, believes that there’s only a one in a million chance to find a pearl in your oyster, and can only recall a few times that a visitor reported a pearl-finding. Oyster Bar president Janet Poccia had the good fortune to find a pearl in her oyster stew "many years ago."

In any case, it was a “pearl” of an experience for one Rick Antosh. "That was by far the best oyster pan roast I ever ordered!!" wrapped up Rick.

Antosh is in the process of launching the not-for-profit The GOLD. Visit www.giftoflivingdonation.org. (from )

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