Managing an Effective AML Compliance Program

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Are the financial transactions within your organization subject to money laundering risk? Do you have a robust internal controls program that focuses on mitigating the greatest AML/Fraud risks? Are your employees aware of the red flags within all financial transaction business processes and know what to do if they find unusual or suspicious activity? Are your company and management up to date on its compliance requirements and the potential impact of non-compliance?
Whether you need to get back-to-basics or you are a seasoned AML professional, join us as we explore the many facets of managing an effective AML compliance program: Join us as we focus on the following key elements:
Regulatory frameworks surrounding anti-money laundering
Objectives of an effective AML compliance program
Risk assessing your institution
Developing robust internal controls
Training for appropriate personnel
Expectations and duties of the appointed compliance officer
Effective audit program to ensure adequacy of your AML compliance program

Learning Objective:
Key goals of this course are:
To provide an understanding of money laundering and how it can impact an institution
To review the importance of “tone at the top” and how to implement a compliance-friendly environment
To learn about the critical internal controls and how these controls can protect your institution
The course will focus on the 4 pillars of an AML compliance program:
Policies, procedures and internal controls
Designation of a compliance officer
Training for appropriate personnel
Independent audit
To understand the importance of the risk assessment
To focus on the senior management/board of directors oversight of the Program
To discuss customer due diligence and know your customer expectations

Who Will Benefit:
BSA/AML Officers, Compliance Officers, AML Analysts, Operations Managers, Remittance Analysts, Consultants, Internal Auditors, Accounting and Finance Directors, Internal Auditors, Legal Departments, Compliance Officers, and Risk Managers at Banks, Broker-Dealers, Residential Mortgage Lenders & Originators, Precious Gems Traders, Money Services Businesses and other nonbank financial institutions.
Risk Management

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