Legacy of a Farm: Farm Succession Planning

from Jim Nash

Will your family be able to keep the farm if something happens to you?
The best way to ensure your farm – and your family – transitions in a timely manner and according to your wishes is to start planning as soon as possible! This free presentation can help you explore how you can protect yourself, your family and your farm and help you learn how to get started with the planning process.
This evening discover how you can preserve your farming operation legacy:
How you can protect your farm and retirement nest egg from nursing home costs.
Protect your family from having to sell the farm and family home due to unforeseen issues.
Avoid facing delays in farm operations due to probate.
Minimize taxes and prevent the sale of your farm.
Opportunities and tools to prevent family feuds and division of the your farm.
Plan your estate to make sure it passes on to your family efficiently.
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