Estate Planning Q&A with Dave and Guest CPA from HintonBurdick PLLC

from Dan R. Morris

Monthly Q&A with Dave
w/ Guest Speaker, Kevin Stephens, CPA from HintonBurdick, PLLC, presenting on How to Navigate Tax Reform.
Kevin will present a real-time tax reform updates. Come learn:
● How changes to the tax code can affect me and my business.
● What decisions can I make now to maximize changes to the tax code?
Dave has also set aside time to answer any additional questions you have, such as:
• What taxes does a Living trust protect against?
• How does a step-up in basis work?
Freedom Plaza (Map) Friends, family and neighbors are welcome. Light Refreshments will be served.
RSVP by filling in the form below, or email or call (602) 249-1328. (from )

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