38th Holland Herring Festival at Grand Central Oyster Bar Begins June 13

from Diego Isio

What: 38th Annual “Holland Herring Festival” – Official First Tasting and arrival of “Nieuwe Maatjes” Herring from the Netherlands

Where: Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant, “Below Sea Level” at Grand Central Terminal, New York City

When: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Time: 12:00 noon (continues during day and through Friday, June 29)

Who: Oyster Bar Executive Chef Sandy Ingber, the “Bishop of Bivalves,” joined by Oyster Bar president Janet Poccia, vice president Mohammed Lawal

Admission: Free; herring by consumption (filets: $7.00, herring salad, $7.95/or market price)

Subways: 4, 5, 6 and 7 Reservations and information: 212-490-6650

For lovers of “nieuwe maatjes” herring from Holland, the arrival of the tasty delicacy from the waters of the Netherlands is always eagerly anticipated. So, circle Wednesday, June 13, at 12 noon on the calendar when the historic Grand Central Oyster Bar once again will launch its 38th annual “Holland Herring Festival”with opening ceremonies including the “Official First Tasting” of Dutch Herring, hosted by executive chef Sandy Ingber, president Janet Poccia, vice president Mohammed Lawal, and dignitaries from the Netherlands consulate and special guests participating in the ceremonies. The Herring Festival will continue through Friday, June 29. The Oyster Bar has for three and a half decades been the traditional destination in America for the first Holland Herring of the season. The most-looked-forward-to time of the year for herring lovers, the delicacy arrives air-expressed to the Oyster Bar from Scheveningen, The Netherlands, on the North Sea where the herring fleet makes its home. The Oyster Bar always receives the very first herring shipped to the USA, and the cream of the catch, as well. Beginning on June 13th, and for approximately two weeks thereafter, the Oyster Bar looks forward to featuring the succulent, toothsome delicacy known as nieuwe maatjes herring. Herring lovers will enjoy the season for less than a month. The herring filets are served with hard-boiled egg, sweet onion and chives. Herring filets are priced at $7.00, and the herring salad at $7.95 per order, or market price. Liquid libations – “Dutch Martinis” featuring spirits from the Netherlands Ketel One vodka and Bols Genever gin. For reservations contact the Grand Central Oyster Bar at 212-490-6650, or visit http://www.oysterbarny.com/. (from )

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