24th Global Meet on Cancer Research & Oncology

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24th Global Meet on
Cancer Research and Oncology
Sept 14-15, 2018 Toronto, Canada


Theme: Breaching Frontiers in Cancer Research and Oncology

Website URL: https://cancer-oncology.pulsusconference.com/
Abstract submission URL: https://cancer-oncology.pulsusconference.com/abstract-submission
Registration URL: https://cancer-oncology.pulsusconference.com/registration

Cancer Research is branch of Science that deals with research topics related to tumors, to identify the cause for their appearance and to develop counter molecules for them. Cancer Research has evolved in a great extension which now includes the subjects of Genetics, Bioinformatics and Nanotechnology etc…
Cancer Research involves many interdisciplinary research areas. Researchers working on Cancer Research are often trained in all these areas.
Oncology is a branch of Medicines in which topics related to the prevention, Diagnosis and Cure for the Cancer are dealt.
Cancer, being a major reason for untimely deaths worldwide, has made this branch of Medicine to be taken seriously.

Why to attend?

24th Global Meet on Cancer Research and Oncology is an unique event where we promote Academic researchers to share their works and encourage collaboration among the Business firms and Researchers. This will benefit the common motto of accelerating the Research process to find a better tomorrow. We also provide chances for the delegates and students to acquire knowledge in these areas so that they can be ready to face the challenges and get to know what the opportunities available in this area are.

Exclusive B2B meetings, Interaction sessions, Panel Discussions, Keynote Speeches, Poster presentations, Oral Presentations etc… are the main highlights of this event.

Target Audience

• Academicians
• Researchers
• Oncologists
• Medical Practitioners
• Translational Researchers
• Business Delegates
• Pharma Firms involved in Cancer Research
• Students keen on Cancer Research

Who should attend?
Oncologists, Radiologists, Chemotherapists, Physicians, Academicians, Academic scientists, Industry professionals, Diagnostic laboratory professionals, Undergraduate & Postgraduate students, researchers, business professionals, Postdoctoral fellows and Trainees, Cancer Diagnostics Associations and Societies.


癌症会议 | 肿瘤学会议 | 癌症峰会

About Toronto:
Located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is a city that has undergone a major transformation in the second half of the twentieth century, evolving from a staid, conservative, largely Anglo-Saxon enclave to a dynamic, multiethnic metropolis that is one of North America's major cities. Throughout, it has retained an enviable degree of livability, boasting safe streets and a clean, efficient subway system amid restored Victorian houses and a renovated waterfront. Toronto's leaders have worked successfully to protect the city's heritage and its residents' quality of life from the effects of unrestrained development, even as Toronto has continued to grow into a major financial and cultural center.
Double-decker bus tours of Toronto's major sites are available between the spring and autumn months. Also offered are one-hour boat tours of the city's port and its islands in Lake Ontario, as well as cruises on the 29-meter (96-foot) schooner The Challenge. Walking and bicycling tours of various Toronto neighborhoods are also available, as are helicopter tours featuring an aerial view of the city.

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